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Tell your data story your way – Data visualization made easy

Article 19 May 2021 Read time: 3 min

Make complex topics compelling and accessible

Researchers agree that vision is our dominant sense: 80–85% of information we perceive, learn or process is mediated through vision. It is even more so when we are trying to understand and interpret data or when we are looking for relationships among hundreds or thousands of variables to determine their relative importance. One of the most effective ways to discern important relationships is through advanced analysis and easy-to-understand visualizations.

Data visualization is applied in practically every field of knowledge. Scientists in various disciplines use computer techniques to model complex events and visualize phenomena that cannot be observed directly, such as weather patterns, medical conditions or mathematical relationships.

Data visualization provides an important suite of tools and techniques for gaining a qualitative understanding. The basic techniques are the following plots:

Anchor data storytelling to facts through visuals, which enable your audience to connect with the information. Share insights more effectively and increase comprehension, retention, and appeal with eye-catching visuals that help you interact with your data and make informed decisions quickly.

Data visualization may become a valuable addition to any presentation and the quickest path to understanding your data. Besides, the process of visualizing data can be both enjoyable and challenging. However, with the many techniques available, it is easy to end up presenting the information using a wrong tool. To choose the most appropriate visualization technique you need to understand the data, its type and composition, what information you are trying to convey to your audience, and how viewers process visual information. Sometimes, a simple line plot can do the task saving time and effort spent on trying to plot the data using advanced Big Data techniques. Understand your data — and it will open its hidden values to you.

Tell your data story your way

Bring your data to life with stunning, interactive data visualizations tailored to your organization and industry.We can help you to tell your success story your way.