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TELE MEDICINE – Pandemic Response

Article 02 Aug 2020 Read time: 3 min

TELE MEDICINE – Pandemic Response

The Covid pandemic outbreak lead to significant disruption in business operations across the board for healthcare providers. The pandemic also lead to adoption of new and disruptive ideas for patient engagement and for improving quality of care. The scare due to hygiene lead to significant changes in patient expectations for adopting digital technologies. The providers were equally wary of engaging with patients in view of the hygiene conditions of patients.

It was further compounded by lockdown and travel restrictions to curtail the spread of pandemic leading to adoption of disruptive technologies in patient engagement and counselling for the corona scare patients. The government also realizing the needs eased the Telemedicine guidelines leading to digital disruption in patient engagement and resulting in acceleration of digitization.

Pi-One realizing the need quickly worked with its health care clients in developing a innovative solution which was highly cost effective, internet scale, consumption driven with little or no software installation at the providers end. The innovations were promptly recognized by the industry and resulted in wide adoption with niche health care providers.

A hybrid multi cloud best fit technologies lead to evolution and adoption of friction less solutions with the least manual intervention. The best in class solutions had integration with the electronic health records, digital payment solutions with AI and analytics built in for smarter engagement.