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50 shades of Digitization - Conversing with Data!

Article 02 Apr 2020 Read time: 3 min


I have been fascinated by the rapid changes happening in the ERP space over the years. The ERP got more interesting possibly after the onslaught of Digitization. It got more interesting with the advent of innovation in business models and use of disruptive technologies like IOT.

The emergence of the Industry 4.0 added fuel to the fire and suddenly DATA became the new oil and become a competitive advantage for the business.

This lead to unimaginable growth of data and the rise of the Data centres with enormous computing power fuelled more growth and innovation. In this context the RDBMs seems to be ancient idea and suddenly Big-data, machine learning and AI took the centre stage.

Autonomous robots drive newer processes and faster execution becomes the order of the day. Velocity, Speed of execution, just-in-time processes, frictionless computing are increasingly the newer mantras in the data technology corridors.

The paranoia around the new OIL viz DATA also led to arrival of ERP in newer forms and shades with Jazzy analytics and becoming a more affordable commodity.

What was originally the monolithic, gregariously data-centric ERP which spewed away reports end of the day process has transformed into an “ALWAYS ON” Smart systems learning both autonomously and in an assisted mode to orchestrate the newer needs arising every passing day.

For the discerning IT manager and business user the big challenge now is to see how do we get a seamless view of data from various best-in-class systems and make decisions faster and better. Will there be one system which can make it work or can we get a single version of truth from multiple systems with a unified view and how do we get there? Are there tools which can help us to transform the data in a more seamless and with much less pain and on demand and on time?

I intend probing these issues in detail and see what best suits the business.I solicit your participation and welcome your views to make this blog both interesting and well rounded.