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Mail migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft365

Article 16 march 2023 Read time: 8 min

Mail migration from Google Workspace to Microsoft365

One of our clients, a medium-sized Technology Services company with 300+ employees has been using Google Workspace for five years. . However, as the company has grown, they have encountered some limitations with Google's platform, such as seamless offline and online transition when working with documentations, storage, lack of advanced enterprise level security features, and some difficulty integrating with other business applications.

The business leadership decided to switch to Microsoft 365, which offered more better organisation document management capabilities apart from robust features, greater flexibility, and seamless integration with other Microsoft applications.

Migration approach

PiOne was engaged to facilitate this migration process. PiOne’s team began the migration process by assessing the current Google Workspace environment and identifying the necessary data that needed to be migrated to Microsoft 365. This included email messages, contacts, calendar events, and documents stored in Google Drive. They also identified any potential issues, such as incompatible file formats or data corruption, and developed a plan to address them.

Next, PiOne team created a migration plan that included four phases:

Pre-migration: The team prepared for the migration by setting up accounts for Microsoft 365, configuring settings, and testing the migration tools. They also communicated with users about the upcoming migration and provided training resources to ensure a smooth transition.

Pilot migration: Our team performed a pilot migration for a small group of users to ensure that the process worked smoothly and identify any potential issues. They monitored the migration process closely, addressing any issues that arose without impacting the users. They continued to use Google Workspace for their email communication needs.

Full migration: Once the pilot migration was successful, PiOne team migrated the rest of the company's users' data from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. We used our migration tool that allowed for a smooth and automated transition, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity. We also tested the migration thoroughly, using a range of scenarios and configurations to ensure that all data was transferred correctly and that all users could access their accounts and data in Microsoft 365. The data from Google Drive was mapped and moved to the respective Users’ OneDrive to ensure the data is also migrated. The security configurations were completed to ensure the client’s ISMS needs are adhered to. Intune was implemented as per the security needs of the client.

Post-migration: After the mail and date migration was complete, PiOne team confirmed that all data had been transferred correctly and that all users could access their accounts and data in Microsoft 365. And finally, the , DNS configuration setting were completed to ensure the emails were sent/received from Microsoft 365.

Post Migration Support

PiOne trained the employees so the employees are comfortable with the new user interface and the functionalities. PiOne tech team understands that Change management is the most important aspect in any new technology implementation. Hence we go the extra mile to ensure the users are trained well and the adoption is seamless. Finally, apart from providing ongoing support to users as they adjust to the new platform, we continued to monitor the system for any issues.

And Finally: Overall, the migration process was successful, and the client was able to seamlessly switch from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. M365 provided the company with enhanced capabilities, such as advanced security features, improved collaboration tools, and more extensive integration with other Microsoft applications. The migration also enabled our client to take advantage of Microsoft's growing ecosystem of productivity tools and technologies, positioning them for future growth and success.