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Tell your data story your way – Data visualization made easy

Researchers agree that vision is our dominant sense: 80–85% of information we perceive, learn or process is mediated through vision. It is even more so when we are trying to ...

by Chandra  |  19 May 2021

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), is a bill passed by the California State Legislature on June 28, 2018, which was amended and signed into law on September...

by Ramesh  |  31 Mar 2021
Data Protection (In India)

The right of privacy is a fundamental right. It is a right which protects the inner sphere of the individual from interference from both State, ...

by Ramesh  |  21 Mar 2021
Privacy Management Solutions

The pandemic has brought in untold hardships to individuals and to organisations alike.The digital transformation has in particular been accelerated ...

by Chandra  |  09 Mar 2021
Beyond RPA

A key focus area for any organization modernizing the workplace is labor-centric automation. A broader intelligent process automation umbrella ...

by Chandra   |  02 Mar 2021
Data – Digital insights

The next domain of digital transformation is data: how businesses produce, manage, and utilize information. Traditionally, data was produced through a variety of planned measurements (from customer surveys to inventories) that were conducted within a business’s own processes—manufacturing...

by Chandra   |  05 Dec 2020
Competition - Digital insights

The second domain of digital transformation is competition: how businesses compete and cooperate with other firms. Traditionally, competition and cooperation were seen as binary opposites: businesses competed with rival businesses that looked very much like themselves..

by Venu Aditya  |  05 Oct 2020
Harnessing customer networks – The digital eco system

The first domain of digital transformation is customers. In traditional theory, customers were seen as aggregate actors to be marketed to and persuaded to buy. The prevailing model of mass markets focused on achieving.....

by Ranga Raghavan  |  05 Sep 2020
Innovation – Digital insights

The fourth domain of digital transformation is innovation: the process by which new ideas are developed, tested, and brought to the market by businesses...

by Venu Aditya   |  02 Aug 2020
TELE MEDICINE – Pandemic Response

The Covid pandemic outbreak lead to significant disruption in business operations across the board for healthcare providers.....

by Chandra  |  02 Aug 2020
50 shades of Digitization - Conversing with Data!

I have been fascinated by the rapid changes happening in the ERP space over the years. The ERP got more interesting with the.......

by Ranga  |  02 Apr 2020
Evolving a digital centric Organization

Evolving a technology roadmap for Transforming a third party logistic provider. Short term solutions include Digitze & ...

by Venu Aditya  |  05 Feb 2020